Demo FAQ


How are stories ranked?

The basic algorithm divides points by a power of the time since a story was submitted. We do not rank comments. We show comments by their submission date.


How do I submit a link?

You can use the submit page here. Enter the link you want to submit into the URL field and click on the submit button.


How do I submit a question?

Use the submit page here. Leave the URL field empty and enter your question into the title field. Your question should start with "ASK:" prefix. If you would like to enter a description of your question, you can enter it into the text field.


How do I show my project or work to the community?

You can use the submit page. Just enter the link to your project into the URL field. Leave the title field empty and if you would like to additinal texts, you can use the text field.


Why don't I see down arrows?

They appear on stories and comments after users reach a certain karma threshold. The threshold is 100.


In my profile, what is karma?

You can think karma as points you collected on the platform. Any time a user upvoted a story or a comment you submitted on the platform, your karma will be increased by one. To get more information related to how karma calculated, follow the next question.


How is a user's karma calculated?

Roughly, the number of upvotes on their stories and comments minus the number of downvotes. These don't match up exactly; some votes are dropped to prevent abuse.


Can I ask people to upvote my submission?

No. Users should vote for a story because they personally find it intellectually interesting, not because someone has content to promote.


Can I ask people to comment on my submission?

No, for the same reason. It's also not in your interest, because Demo readers will figure it out, flag the thread, and use unkind words like 'spam'.


How do I change my password?

Use the page here to change your password. Only signed-in users can change the password. So if you see the sign-in dialog when you click on the link, please do not be surprised. Sign in first, then you can change your password.


How do I reset my password?

Use the page here to reset your password. Enter your user name or email address into the text box and click on reset password button.


How do I create an account on Demo?

Only invited users can have an account on Demo. To sign up for the platform, please contact someone who already has an account on the platform and ask for an invitation. Once you are invited, you will be able to access to the sign-up page.


Why do I need to have an account on Demo?

If you would like to submit a link, ask a question, or start a discussion about anything, you need to have an account. Otherwise, you do not need an account. All links and comments are public to everyone by design.


How do I invite someone to join the platform?

You must have an admin account to invite someone. If you have an admin account, you can use the "Invite User" link on your profile page.